Positive Psychology Coaching for High Performers!

How to Stop Revolving, Start Evolving and Have Your Best Year Ever

Embark on the life-changing journey of personal growth you’ve always wanted to with the YB12 Classic or Classic Premium Coaching program. Comprehensive 12-month structured, focused and positive personal development program.

How it Works

If you know what you want in life and want to evolve and grow, but fear and self-doubt hold you back then this is for you! With the YB12 Classic Program you can literally change any aspect of your life such as career, lifestyle, finances, health or relationships.

In fact, whatever you dare to achieve in the name of personal growth is possible with this program. The program is grounded in psychology and you’ll work with me every step of the way. It is all about Vision, Empowerment and Support.

Session 1

Vision & Goal Setting

Initial orientation session setting you up for success: dream, envision, set goals and self-analysis

Session 2


Establish and maintain the commitment needed to succeed

Session 3

The Road to Fulfilment

Defining your meaning of fulfilment

Session 4


Identifying and planning for barriers, or ‘red flags, to your personal growth

Session 5

Achieving a Balanced Life

Further self-assessment and the importance of balance in our lives

Session 6

Accepting Your Reality

Challenging but so important if you’re to grow and achieve the way you want in life

Session 7


Learn to think above the crowd

Session 8

Your Thoughts and Words

Thoughts and words have power! Learn to harness that power

Session 9

Handling Stress

Learn about good vs bad stress and how to manage and prevent the bad kind with the ABC of stress

Session 10

Thinking and Living Creatively

Learn about lateral and creative thinking which is so important to deal with life challenges and create the life you want

Session 11

Mind Mastery

Apply session 9 into more creative visualisation and creative thinking. Master your life and achieve what you want with vision and affirmations

Session 12

Emotional Management

Learn how to harness and manage emotions positively. Red flag emotions and anticipating self-sabotage

Session 13

Recap and Review

Recap, review and Celebrate! Consolidate all modules so you can elaborate the program to advance and develop yourself in ways only limited by your imagination

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